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SEPSIS: Read the event summary of the meeting on Sepsis prevention, diagnosis, and clinical management

30 June 2018

How can EU policymaker and health stakeholders work together to improve Sepsis prevention, diagnosis, and clinical management? How to ensure timely and accurate Sepsis diagnosis to save lives and healthcare resources?

These were the questions at the heart of the discussion of the 1st Roundtable debate of the European Network for Safer Healthcare organised with Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) under the coordination of Health First Europe. With the support of MEP Faria (EPP, PT) and MEP Caputo (S&D, IT), health stakeholders, national representatives and the European Commission met to discuss the current challenges and opportunities to fight Sepsis in Europe and to pave the way for the future actions at both European and national level.

Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition manifesting when the body’s response to an infection, damages its own tissues and organs. Sepsis is one of the biggest health issues in the EU and worldwide due to its high incidence, mortality and economic cost. According to Prof Dr. Konrad Reinhart, Chair of the Global Sepsis Alliance “Every year in the EU more than 3.4 million of people develop Sepsis. 700.000 do not survive and an additional one-third of survivors die during the following years. Many survivors face lifelong consequences, such as physical, psychological and cognitive problems”

Find the full Event Summary HERE.

Health First Europe is the Coordinator of the European Network for Safer Healthcare. Click here to learn more.